Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Beauty of Tea Ware

Tea utensils can come in all sorts of styles and designs. But whatever the utensil, can you see the inherent beauty in the piece? Some pieces are beautiful just because they are simple. Other pieces are beautiful because the have a special character. Some pieces are beautiful because they are handsomely painted, sometimes by hand. Some pieces are beautiful just because in some way, you find them striking and interesting. Whatever the type of tea ware or tea utensil, always strive to choose ones that are the most beautiful.

Featured here:
Chrysanthemum Patterned Tea Set (white porcelain):
1 Cebei (150 mL)
1 Chahai (175 mL)
6 Tasting cups (30 mL*6)

There is one good thing about a set of tea ware: every piece should visually complement each other. And the capacities of the respective pieces should complement each other too.

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