Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Did You Know???

Did you know, drinking tea has a stimulative effect on the body. And if you drink enough tea, you can actually get "tea drunk".

Now there are other kinds of stimulants, some of which are dangerous, or illegal, but tea is totally safe!! Best of all, if your parents find out you're taking tea, you won't get in trouble! And if you're in possession of the stuff, even the cops won't bother you.

So what kind of stimulating effect exactly does tea have? Well, when I drink tea, I find it expands my mind, and it increases my awareness and perception of my surroundings. Then I feel I have the ability to do more during the day. If I drink it at night, I can stay up all night, and have all kinds of cool, enlightening thoughts.

Enlightenment! Who would have thought? Just by drinking tea you can attain enlightenment - if only for awhile. No need to go to some Buddhist monastery in Tibet and meditate, just drink some tea! But it's no wonder that tea spread from China to Korea and Japan through the Buddhist monks who went to China for Buddhist training.

Some people don't like this stimulative effect though, and it's commonly called "tea drunk", or "tea intoxication". But you can reverse the effect just by eating some candy, or a chocolate bar.

So, wanna feel good? Just drink some tea. It's totally ok. No one will bother you. And best of all, you won't have any trouble if someone finds your stash. But - you just might have to share your stash with someone else looking for a fix. So stock up.

So now you know! Tea is a safe stimulant that might even be good for you. Wow! This stuff should be on Manswers!

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