Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Life After Coffee

Having caffeine problems? Coffee making you irritable? Coffee giving you headaches? Don't worry, you have options. If you are considering leaving coffee, there is a viable option: TEA.

Embrace the tea lifestyle for relaxation, comfort, better health, better living.

Everywhere around the globe, people are enjoying tea. People like the comforts that tea has to provide. People also enjoy the benefits of drinking tea, such as maintaining health, preventing disease, calming the mind, and many other benefits.

More and more, people are steeping themselves in the tea experience. From the appearance, feel, and fragrance of whole-leaf tea, to the distinctive shapes, contures, and decoration of each piece of treasured teaware; all of these deepen our perception and enhance our moment in tea.

To fully enjoy tea requires the proper equipment. From choice of brewing vessel to serving vessel to tasting cup – each piece has its definite function and purpose. Combined, they all blend together to create a harmonious tea environment. Without proper tea utensils, tea becomes a very bland and uninteresting affair.

To drink tea is to enjoy life. Who doesn’t want to enjoy life?

Come out of the cold. Have a cup of tea!

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