Thursday, January 24, 2008

Does green turn you off?

Some people say no-no to green teas. They say green is not their cup of tea. Maybe their first encounter with a green tea was horrendous. Green tea, if prepared improperly can be vilely bitter. But that is not the true nature of green tea.

Some people, having mainly experienced drinking red teas (the stuff in teabags) seem to expect green tea to taste similar. And they even think green tea should be brewed using the same methods as for the teabag stuff. If you’re one of these people, we understand. It’s totally not your fault. If you read the label on those boxes and cans of green tea, it actually says to use boiling water. And that’s the problem right there: you actually read and followed the instructions. Boy, are you dumb! (Just kidding!)

See, green tea is a more delicate kind of experience. Green teas like warm water, not boiling hot water. And some green teas are so delicate, they can almost be brewed in room-temperature water, and still be pretty decent to drink.

Green tea is a little tricky to prepare properly. If the water is too hot, it won’t be palatable. If the steeping time is too long, it’s undrinkable. If the water temperature is too cool, the tea will be lacking in flavor. If too few leaves are used, the tea may be tasteless. If too many leaves are used, the tea may become bitter. All of these – amount of leaf, water temperature, steeping time, and quality of leaf need to be taken into consideration when making green tea.

If green tea is not your favorite, please give it a second try. Green tea is not bitter – really. In fact, many green teas have a slight sweetness of taste to them. So try the green again. You won’t be disappointed.

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